Metal Worx Mr. Smooth

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  • Model: 512758
  • Manufactured by: Pipedream
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Looking for the steel toy experience without breaking the bank? Mr. Smooth will certainly satisfy your needs. It can satisfy multiple purposes such as vaginal play, anal play, and working kegels as well as providing a stimulating deep tissue massage.

This dildo is more likely going to appeal to the variety of people who enjoy more rigid toys. It is also going to appeal to people who enjoy temperature play but there are certain safety precautions in terms of how cold or hot one should go.

As an anal probe, it works quite well. It is very safe for probing. It is unlikely to get lost in your anal cavity due to its lack of flexibility, whether you choose to use the bulbed end or the shaft end. As a plug, it is not the best option if you will be engaged in vigorous or very active sex where many positions are planned for your evening, it does however work well if it's inserted and left there while other toys are used on other areas.

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  • Serial: 512758
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • This item is waterproof.
  • The overall length is: 6.00".
  • The insertable length is: 4.75".
  • The girth of this item is: 4".