The Original Magic Wand

The Original Magic Wand 12.25" Vibrating Massager in White

  • Model: 504307
  • Manufactured by: Hitachi
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Originally intended for back pain and muscle fatigue, the Hitachi Magic Wand has fast become one of the most sought after massagers, but it's notoriety comes into play when used for "other" purposes. This wonderful device has actually been recommended on numerous occasions by Dr. Laura Berman - a noted sex educator and therapist. In addition to helping you relieve tension and sore muscles, you will experience all the magic it has to offer!

The Magic Wand (now knows as the Original Magic Wand) is outlet powered and as such, it's a bit noisier than the average vibe, but don't let that scare you away- this baby is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike! It's power is unrivaled and you won't be disappointed with the performance of this thrilling vibe! It's got dual speed control, but some of its users have actually reported plugging theirs into a dimmer switch, making the varying degrees of vibration endless!

The wand's soft, flexible head makes it perfect for both clitoral and anal stimulation, so it's great for couples play and masturbation alike, and is a favorite of travellers for it's discreet, non-phallic design. The Hitachi Magic Wand has been a best seller for thirty years, and with good reason.

Check out the many interesting attachments we carry as well, and you will forget about your back pain in no time!

Please note that the model number for this product is HV260

Current Reviews: 7

- Mmmgood, 10/17/2011

What can I say but WHOA! I have heard about the hitachi wand for years now from friends, friends of friends and even from Samantha on sex and the city, but I always felt too timid to buy a vibrator. Now I know what I've been missing! This isn't considered the number one vibrator for is amazing for a reason. First off I love that it doesn't necessarily look like a sex toy and second I really love the size, power, and pleasure it packs. It really should be called the magic wand not the hitachi wand!

- customer660, 10/25/2011

Every woman should own this!!! I have one, I purchased one for my best friend and for my sister. I think this is the best "toy" there is!!!

- patil, 06/14/2012

Wow! The Hitachi Magic Wand is the best money My husband and I ordered this based on the good reviews. I'm in my thirties and have never been able to have an orgasm...yes sad I know. After reading a few books, trying another toys, and working alone and with my hubby on this I was beyond frustrated. I got Hitachi Wand and within 5 or 10 minutes ... lets just say it worked for me. Normally I wouldn't write a review about so personal of a topic but I know how embarrassing & frustrating it can be so I'm hoping this might be of help to someone else.

- Gold, 03/13/2013

My girl friend has given the Hitachi Magic Wand we got from nitetimetoys daily use for about a 3 years. Hitachi Magic Wand is her favorite, just bought a replacement.

- happywifey, 09/11/2013

Wow! This is the best money we've ever spent! Of course, I don't know how this will work for others, but based on the good reviews, my husband and I ordered this. It arrived last week, and I couldn't be happier. I am in my thirties and have never been able to have an orgasm, I enjoy sex and masturbation but never had one of those orgasms you read about. After reading articles, trying another toy, and trying alone and with my hubby on this, I assumed I just wouldn't...maybe nobody really does. I got this Hitachi Magic Wand (yes magic is right) today and within 5 or 10 minutes, I finally knew what all the fuss was about! OMG! It worked for me! I'm sure it's wonderful for sore muscles, too. ;) Normally, I wouldn't write a review about so personal of a topic, but I know how embarrassing and frustrating my struggle was, so I'm hoping this might be of help to someone else.

- KatieS, 08/11/2013

I know this is packaged as a personal massager for sore muscles... well we all know what it's used for. Let me just say, I am not one of those women that has unfortunately never receiving an orgasm, I have, but NEVER have I ever experienced orgasm like I did with this (so many times). My boyfriend got this for me and he used it, UNRELENTINGLY on me, and I came till I cried, literally, in a very good way. I recommend this for anyone. The low setting works great but the high setting will take you to a plain you've probably never experienced. Guys, if your thinking about getting this for your wife or girlfriend, DO IT!!!!! You will be rewarded ;-)

- Angela Burris, 02/22/2016

This toy is amaaaaaaaazing!!! A sex-life-saver! I’ve been on anti-depressant medication for 3 years now, and they have taken a serious toll on my libido, and I can have a hard time climaxing sometimes. I did a bunch of research and all roads pointed to the hitachi magic wand. But here’s the sad part: I originally bought one from amazon (HUGE mistake) and it turned out to be a counterfeit. It had a sticky/rubber head and a European outlet plug, which I later found out are tell-tale signs of a fake. Ironically, you can tell the difference between the “real” hitachi wands vs cheap knock-offs because the “real” ones don’t actually have the word “hitachi” anywhere on the box or on the toy itself because they rebranded the toy in 2013 as the “Original Magic Wand”. So there you go lol. Just make sure you buy the real deal and not a fake, and you will NOT be sorry! Long story short, this toy is amazing, worth every penny, let’s me come early and often. _3 _3 _3

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  • Serial: 504307
  • Manufacturer: Hitachi
  • This item is powered by an AC adapter (standard wall outlet).
  • This item is made of: Vinyl and Plastic.
  • The overall length is: 12.25".