Platinum Jack Rabbit

The Rabbit is without a doubt the most exciting invention to hit the adult toy industry in years. I decided to check out this particular rabbit, and I must say I am quite pleased with it. Unlike earlier rabbits, the stimulating beads at the base of the shaft are held in place on the rotating mechanism, ensuring it won't as easily jam or break. Another great feature is that the rabbit is waterproof, making washing of the toy to be much simpler and easier.

As for the vibrations, this rabbit has 7 speeds - the first three are slow, medium and fast, and the remaining four are various pulsing vibrations. Combine this with the six speeds on the shaft and you have a fun and very stimulating sex toy!

I have had this rabbit for six months now, and have not experienced any problems with it...yet. Fingers' crossed. No, I am very happy with this, my new best friend.

piperbliss, 10/22/2013