G-Spotter Attachment for the Hitachi Wand

  • Model: 504302
  • Manufactured by: Uniquity
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The name of this product says it all! Locate the elusive G-Spot with this attachment for use with your Hitachi Wand.

This flexible blue rubber tube slips right over the head of your wand, and the curved design makes it easier to experience that magical explosion - the G-Spot orgasm! Whether you've a novice or a veteran, the G-Spotter will have you squirming and shuddering with intense pleasure. The Hitachi Wand and all of its attachments are great for use when you're riding solo, or when you want to invite a partner along for the journey.

You'll squeeze your eyes shut. Your legs will shake. You'll cry out in ecstasy. And then you will do it all over again. Once you get your hands on this little baby, you may never leave the house!

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  • Serial: 504302
  • Manufacturer: Uniquity
  • This item is waterproof.
  • This item is made of: PVC.
  • The overall length is: 6.5".
  • The insertable length is: 3.75".
  • The girth of this item is: 3.75".