Lipstick Vibe 3.5" Waterproof Discreet Vibrator in Purple

  • Model: 513650
  • Manufactured by: Pipedream
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Pipedream has created a stealthy little lipstick vibrator for the woman on the go. Let's face it ladies, between work, engagements, and all of our responsibilities, sometimes a little daily pick-me-up is just what the Dr. ordered. This discrete little vibe is modest in size, and is surprisingly quiet, but will definitely perk you up during that 3 o'clock slump.

The design is so spot on you could easily toss it in your desk drawer or handbag and no one would suspect what you've really been up to on your "coffee break", or when you excuse yourself at the bar. The "lipstick" tip is soft and rubbery, so it is extremely comfortable when pressed against the clit, and the twist bottom activation makes it simple to control its multiple speeds. Can be used for vaginal, clitoral or anal stimulation, making this little toy convenient for solo play, or for use in enhancing foreplay with a partner.

Go ahead...take a break. Those deadlines will still be there when you get back.

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- Scamp123, 10/10/2011

I had to leave feedback on this product because I just got it and absolutely love it! Not only is it small enough to carry along with me in my bag, but it's also so discreet that the other day a friend saw the lipstick vibe and had NO idea that it was anything but lipstick. When I first got this toy I was a little nervous that due to it's size it may not do the trick...but I was wrong-this is the perfect size and I can promise it does the trick. Since buying it I have even told a few friends and two of them bought them to try out-no ones been disappointed ever since!

- PopTarte, 02/11/2014

Wow . Such power in a small package. I can't stop raving about this. Best vibrator Ever!

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  • Serial: 513650
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • This item is powered by 4 LR44 size battery (always included when you shop with us).
  • This item is waterproof.
  • This item is made of: Plastic.
  • The overall length is: 3.5".