Naughty Secrets Velvet Desire 7" Classic Vibrator

  • Model: 505028
  • Manufactured by: Doc Johnson
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Velvetize your innermost passions with the 7 inch Velvet Desire Vibrator from Doc Johnson! There's nothing like the feel of real, especial in the form of the perfectly sized, perfectly contoured pleasure wand known as the 7 inch Velvet Desire. Covered in Velvet Touch, the most luxurious material known to a woman, this waterproof beauty also has variable speed control so the motion accelerates with your passion. The Velvet Desire, only from Naughty Secrets. Never has seven inches gone to such lengths to please you.

Write a review
  • Serial: 505028
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • This item is powered by 2 AA size battery (always included when you shop with us).