Elite 5X 5 Function Vibro-Ring & Tickler Bullet Vibrator with Jelly Attachments

  • Model: 201205
  • Manufactured by: California Exotics
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The Elite 5X 5 Function Vibro-Ring & Tickler is a sleeper among couples toys - nobody realizes just how versatile this kit is!

Start out with a powerful, multi-speed bullet with 5 function programming and one of the strongest bullet motors on the market. Add to this not one, but two very distinct stretchy jelly/TPR accessory covers and you've got an exciting night ahead of you!

Females and males can feel free to insert the bullet vaginally and/or anally - it is smooth and glides into place effortlessly. Attach the smaller jelly accessory and make use of its nubby texture to brush the vibrations against your clit, perineum (area between balls and anus) or anywhere else!

Once the bigger accessory is attached you'll have several options: A male can either wear the stretchy, vibrating ring around his balls or his penis - with a little maneuvering, during penetrative sex the vibrating attachment will not only stimulate him, but it can be positioned to brush against her labia and clit - for dual partner stimulation...and these are only the few options that come to mind!

Many possibilities -like we said, the product may not look like much, but it performs faithfully for couples every night!

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  • Serial: 201205
  • Manufacturer: California Exotics
  • This item is made of: TPR.
  • The overall length is: 2.5".
  • The insertable length is: 2.5".
  • The girth of this item is: 3.25".