Clone-A-Willy Refill Liquid Rubber DIY Dildo Molding Latex Rubber Filler

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  • Model: 516550
  • Manufactured by: Empire Labs
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So, you've made the perfect mold of the perfect penis and need another copy. No worries, we've got the perfect solution. The Clone-A-Willy Refill Liquid Rubber kit comes with the rubber needed to make another caucasian flesh colored clone from a previous mold.

As long as you have the original mold, this refill of latex will take you through the last few steps necessary to make a clone of your Clone-A-Willy. This is the perfect solution for making sure that you and your partner have a matching set, or to ensure that you have an extra in case of loss, damage or in the event that you want to have a 3-some!

Some people get better at the molding process their second time around - with this refill pack you will be sure to clone any Willy with perfection!

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  • Serial: 516550
  • Manufacturer: Empire Labs
  • This item is made of: Rubber.