Clone-A-Willy Hot Pink DIY Dildo Molding Kit in Neon Pink with Vibrating Core

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  • Model: 516196
  • Manufactured by: Empire Labs
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What could be a sexier than you and your partner cloning his manhood into a hot pink vibrating dildo? If you said nothing then you got that right! The hot pink clone-a-willy kit includes all you'll need to mold a perfect vibrating replica of your favorite penis in hot pink glory. The kit includes easy to follow directions, a vibrating motor, molding powder, thermometer, rubber mix, molding tube and stir stick.

***Penis not must supply your own!

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  • Serial: 516196
  • Manufacturer: Empire Labs
  • This item is powered by 1 AA size battery (always included when you shop with us).
  • This item is made of: Rubber.