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Furgee Love Doll
Furgee Love Doll
Furgee Love Doll

Furgee Love Doll

$39.99  $29.99   (In Stock)

Want to give someone boom boom now but don't have anyone around? With the Furgee Love Doll, you'll never have that problem again. Simply inflate her when you want her, and deflate her when you're done. She is the perfect, most accessible girlfriend that you've ever had.

No matter what you want her, the Furgee Love doll has you covered. She's completely waiting and willing, with 3 eager holes. Easily move from the ass, vagina, and mouth without having to worry about cleaning up until the end. If you've ever wanted to give this black eyed pea a piece of your meat, this is your chance!

  • Serial: 513629
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • This item is made of: Vinyl.

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