Optimale UR3 Stroker Rollerball 5.25" Reversible Sil-A-Gel Masturbator

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  • Model: 518611
  • Manufactured by: Doc Johnson
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A new texture can go a long way to creating a unique and fun play session for men. The Optimale line from Doc Johnson not only brings in great fresh takes on old classics, but also unique and luxurious toys for a very good value. With the Optimale UR3 Stroker Rollerball, you get a familiar shape with an interesting design choice to really spice up your bedroom play.

As the name suggests, the texture on this masturbator is comprised of relatively large, squishy balls. As they rub along your shaft, you will be able to feel a distinct difference in the depth of the balls and the UR3 sleeve. Think like a dozen tiny massages, all along your member as you masturbate. Looking for something smoother? No problem! Just flip this sleeve inside out and use the ultra smooth side for a sleeker experience.

Store the Optimale UR3 Stroker Rollerball in the included black box for extra discreetness and to help keep the material fresh.

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- Pauley, 11/17/2014

I bought the roller masturbator and I am very happy with this purchase. For short money it is a very satisfying and sturdy little stroker that really gets the job done. I like that my cock comes out the other end and it really adds to the experience. In a way it is like just jamming a tight hole deep. It's a serious turn on. Solid purchase, I highly recommend.

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  • Serial: 518611
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • This item is made of: UR3, Sil-A-Gel and TPE.
  • The overall length is: 5.25".