Mood Exciter Masturbator Ergonomic Dual-Ended Textured Stroker

  • Model: 517297
  • Manufactured by: Doc Johnson
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Double the ways you can play with the Mood Exciter Masturbator. This ergonomically designed and very colorful stroker features two entrances; the smaller, tighter tunnel has plush massage beads while the larger tunnel is heavily ribbed for your pleasure. This unique design makes it easy to flip it, grip it, and alter the sensation mid-session! Find the fit that's right for you!

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- rollo, 10/22/2013

I had heard good things about this mood exciter masturbator so gave it a try. It is awesome. I had no idea what to expect or what it would feel like but it felt really great. It's soft and squishy; very easy to hold but also to stroke with. You can use either end for a different feel and you can easily pinch one end for suction which feels amazing. I'm uncut and completely average in length (6 inches). The first time I used it I didn't use lube so it was a bit uncomfortable to push in. Instead I sort of half turned it inside out and then slipped it over. Wow -once inside it felt awesome.

- bobsburgers, 11/05/2014

great masturbator, double sided for extra fun, the textures are really nice with use of a warming water based lubricant. the product is bigger on the ribbed side and smaller on the massage side. this product is the same across the board, except color. this is a great alternative for the fleshlight because it's not obnoxious in size and can be concealed/packed in bags easier for travel.

- sopha, 11/19/2014

Well I bought this as a surprise for my husband as I'd read some reviews and thought he'd love it if we worked it into our time together. Initially, he was a bit put off with me, he told me he didn't need anything like this and that I should return it. Later that night however when we were in bed I decided that I would change his mind, and let me tell you boy he changed his mind! He now admits that this is a great addition to our playtime and is considering other toys! Yay! The material this masturbator is made from is fantastic, it’s soft and squishy like a sexy little stress ball but more squishy than that as it's a little wobbly and you can’t help but keep playing with it in your hand. The entrances are quite small but, as the material is so stretchy, it will no doubt take you no matter what your size. By putting a squirt of lube in both ends, I gently lowered it's large end onto my husband’s eager penis. It was a bit of a squeeze (from the look on his face he really didn't mind) and his moan let me know it felt great, even mentioning that it felt a bit naughty like this was some sort of threesome (I'll have to admit I agree). As I stroked he popped out of the end of it and said it stimulated the head of his cock nicely, and I was able to stimulate him orally when he popped out (the look on his face). It's really comfortable to hold and use, you can intensify the experience by tightening your grip and its fun to watch and bring him to an amazing orgasm every time. We've had this toy for a several months now, it gets quite a lot of use. It’s really easy to clean, just turn inside-out and it comes with a packet of renew powder to use if the material starts to get a bit sticky. The only down side I've found if you can call it that is that my fingernails have caused small marks. We highly suggest you try it.

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  • Serial: 517297
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • This item is made of: TPE.
  • The overall length is: 5.00".