Extreme Junk-In-Tha-Trunk Masturbator Realistic Pussy and Ass in African American Flesh

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  • Model: 513586
  • Manufactured by: Pipedream
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A super sexy cocoa colored masturbator that gives you just what you want when instant gratification's what you're after, Junk-In-Tha-Trunk is the ultimate fantasy aid from Pipedream's Extreme Collection. Big, slap-able, squeezable ass cheeks part to reveal a tight little butthole, with a pretty pink pussy right underneath; you'll be able to pick your pleasure depending on what you're in the mood for. Adding tons more excitement, an included classic bullet vibe with a simple multi-speed remote can be slipped into place at the back of the masturbator in one of two possible locations, letting you feel the stimulation up through the pussy or ass as you thrust; it'll also set the soft Fanta Flesh to quivering and moving realistically. Speaking of realism, Fanta Flesh is incredible, the silky, elastic material feels ultra lifelike, it warms to the touch, and clings to your fingers and more like real skin, truly making it the ultimate in fantasy fulfillment. Adding to the fantasy is the curvy shape that's perfect for gripping tightly and maneuvering into the perfect position to suit your purpose; a flat bottom holds the almost 5 pounds of pleasure sturdy on most even surfaces. To keep your Fanta Flesh at its best, always use a good quality water based lubricant like the included sample of Moist, make sure to wash and thoroughly dry before storage, and keep your toy away from dirt and dust. A sprinkle of the included Revive powder will restore the softness if Junk-In-The-Trunk gets tacky.

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- BigAL, 10/28/2014

This masturbator (if I can call it that because it feels like more) is a really durable and a fine pleaser to not only feels like the real thing, but it looks like a real butt prone and ready. It's visually amazing because you get to actually see that fine butt as you take it. Now like any woman it is not all roses it has some good points and bad points. The good: -The masturbator is very visually appealing. If you love a great butt then this is the toy for you. -If you like doggie or flat out anal (like myself) will be absolutely crazy for this stroker, it will be your go to. -There are two holes in the back meant for the bullet. I used those holes for other purposes and guess what? Extra holes! Well the vibration aspect is ok as well. -Be careful of the vagina, she is tight like a prom date and she will get you there quick if you're not careful. The Bad: -The only down side I see if that as with a real woman getting into position for doggie can be tricky, this is easier to position than a real woman though. Anal is easy and very intense as it feels and looks like such a realistic vagina and butt. I would avoid silicone or oil based lube. A good water based lube is great. Oil and silicone lubes will ruin it so don't use them! All in all it is a truly one-of-a-kind and intensely realistic masturbator (well lets be honest it is more than a masturbator. It's a realistic simulator). I screwed up my first and had to get a second one. Customer service was great and gave me 20% off the second one...but it would be better to avoid so don't use vegetable oil as a lube!

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  • Serial: 513586
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • This item is powered by 2 AA size battery (always included when you shop with us).