The Gripper Ripple Grip Realistic Pussy Masturbator in Caucasian Flesh

  • Model: 513325
  • Manufactured by: California Exotics
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The Gripper Ripple Grip from California Exotic Novelties is the ultimate stroker. This heavy duty, one-piece masturbator features the ultimate suction chamber for maximum grip and an explosive finish. Maintenance free, made from PureSkin material for lifelike look and feel.

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- LittleMark, 12/03/2014

Overall I'm very happy with this mastubator, it's really nicely made for the price and the sensation provided by it is top notch. It's heavier than it looks and it's not very discreet for travel but the realistic sensations this toy gives is worth every single cent spent on it. I have fleshlights and a few other male masturbators and so far this toy has topped anything I've tried including some of the women I've been with. The ribs inside give a very lifelike feeling and the suction the toy provides is amazing (you can control the suction using the small hole at the base of the product). It is made from a flesh-like material (Pure Skin) which is soft and lifelike and provides a great deal of pleasure especially with lots of lubricant. The toy is not silent and does make a bit of noise due to the small hole in the base. The hole is there to give a sucking sensation which makes things feel tighter and the pulling feeling really doesn't take long at all to finish you off, this thing rides you like a boss. The price really not too bad considering the mileage I have gotten out of it and it's cheaper far than a Fleshlight and in my opinion much better. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in a solid masturbator without shelling out fleshlight or tenga money.

- Abi, 12/04/2014

It may seem strange that a woman would write about a sex men's masturbation toy but I have so many toys of my own that I felt like I should get my husband one of his own. I bought the gripper male masturbator as I thought it had a nice manly look to it and wasn't overly graphic looking. I surprised him with it the night after it arrived. After taking him in my mouth to warm things up I pulled out his new toy, lubed him and it up a little and slipped it on him. He was totally surprised but really got into it after a few strokes and he had an intense orgasm. I recommend this item to any woman who enjoys surprising her man it can really add a kinky fun new layer to your sex life as a couple.

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  • Serial: 513325
  • Manufacturer: California Exotics