Tenga Egg Masturbator

Tenga Egg Masturbator Compact Textured Silicone Stroker

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  • Model: 515503
  • Manufactured by: Tenga
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The Tenga Egg is an entirely self-contained male masturbation device packaged in the size and shape of a chicken egg. Open up the "shell" and inside you will find a silicone sleeve (also shaped like an egg) and a Tenga lube packet. Simply squirt some lube into the opening of the sleeve, insert your penis and begin stroking and twisting. The inside of the stretchy sleeves are precision molded with nooks, crannies and everything in between. There are actually six varieties of eggs, each with a different interior molding, resulting in a subtly different sensation. In all six, the feeling created is mind blowing. Cleanup is as easy as you would imagine and yes, we would consider this item disposable, though many people flip the egg inside out, wash, dry and use it for a second or third time.

We have also heard of women flipping eggs inside out and slipping them onto fingers, dildos and vibrators to provide themselves a new texture and experience. A female staff member of ours tried it and thought it worked very well actually. One thing you should not do is try to use an egg in place of a condom. While the sensation will probably be great, this product was not designed to protect the way a condom does.

Eggs are great for guys that are traveling and for couples that want to try something new, wonderful and easy in the bedroom. We think this product is "egg-cellent" (sorry, couldn't resist).

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- Tiffa, 09/15/2011

I bought this egg to use a "foreplay" item with my BF as someone else recommended it to me. He absolutely enjoyed it and I did as well. This item is definitely not just for a man to use alone...great for couples as well!

- sadimas, 07/01/2013

I loved these tenga eggs, I personally felt different simulations from each one. The lube provided is OK. The best discovery was that they are NOT only one time use. You can flip these inside out for easy cleaning and if you take care you can get about 10 uses out of these!

- gingerman, 07/18/2013

The good points of the tenga egg: Cheap. You will not find quality like this, at this price, with any over product. Durable enough. Each egg can last around ten uses with meticulous care, and when you factor in price, that makes this an even better deal. Ready out of the pack. Each egg comes with a single, plentiful serving of medium-quality lube. Dump and go. Strong. Much like condom material, these eggs can deal with a great deal of stretching. You're not going to damage the product unless you're really trying. Textures rule. I've used two so far, Silky and Clicker. Silky really lives up to its name, providing a very silky feeling when rotated, with more of a ribbed feeling with vertical motion. Clicker has individual stimulators, so you can vary the stimulation by adjusting the egg around. Multiple uses. Between the durability and texture points, you can feel free to experiment. Twist, pull, massage, and generally try to deform the egg in any way you want for new sensations. Most Tenga products are engineered as disposables, and this is no exception but like I said you can get about 10-15 uses. Overall the clean egg design makes this an easy purchase for newcomers, while not being so gimmicky as to distract from the quality. Each sensation in unique if mild, and with the eggs being relatively cheap, you can't help but try them all. I've read some people have even found success applying an inside-out egg to female partners, although I haven't tried this myself. I recommend the tenga egg to anyone looking for a little spice without a lot of financial commitment.

- JonX, 12/04/2014

My opinion is that the tenga egg masturbator is one of the greatest male masturbator products ever. I have had other "masturbators" but these are the best. I know this is suppose to be a single use masturbator but I have a "spider" texture egg and I have put some serious mileage on it, maybe 35 sessions. Even after multiple uses and gentle cleanings it still fits into the plastic egg container and it is still in solid condition for my pleasure. I bought a six pack a few months ago and I have only gone through 2 eggs! They do not need much lube as the material has very little drag to it! Very easy to use clean use and clean again. Just flip it inside out to clean like you would any men's masturbation toy. Feel great and give me AWESOME huge loads.

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  • Serial: 515503
  • Manufacturer: Tenga
  • This item is waterproof.
  • This item is made of: Silicone.
  • The overall length is: 2.5".
  • The insertable depth of this item is: 3".