Sue Johanson Head Honcho Masturbator

This was the first masturbator and first toy I've ever really used, my girlfriend bought it for me when we started looking at toys together online, and for the price and quality, it's a very good buy. Thoroughly enjoy it (I usually orgasm explosively after 5-10 min), but I strongly suggest using either warming lube or soaking in warm water, or both, before using, as it feels kinda odd when it's cooler. Suction chambers don't really work all that well, I don't feel much of a difference, but it still feels damn good. Perfect for when you're unable to be with your woman. Smell isn't that strong, will likely wear off after a few uses and cleanings, and haven't noticed any tears yet either. Cleans up easily too, just turn it inside out and wash away. Also, for guys with above average length, you might want to get something bigger, I'm slightly above average and my head hits the back every time. Good gateway toy to get for someone who doesn't own any yet, I now have a list of other toys to try on myself soon!

Jamesy, 10/22/2013
$38.99  $29.95