Mouth Palm Pal Realistic Oral Masturbator in Caucasian Flesh

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  • Model: 503795
  • Manufactured by: Doc Johnson
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You'll never look at your hand the same way once you'll grabbed hold of a Palm Pal. This soft, stretchy masturbator is the perfect choice for those nights (or mornings, or afternoons) when nothing will do but some head. If you're new to UR3, it's the most lifelike material you've ever felt, it warms to your touch, it's soft and has smooth elasticity, just like real skin. The Mouth fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, where you can squeeze it to make the canal as tight as you want. Make sure to use a water compatible lube with this and all UR3 toys, and enjoy!

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- Strokes, 11/25/2014

After a few of weeks of not being sure but tempted to I finally grew a pair and decided to purchase myself a masturbator! I wanted something to give me the feeling of receiving oral and after many hours of adding and removing from my cart I narrowed it down to the super head honcho and the mouth palm pal, I had wanted to not spend a lot of money in case it wasn't worth it as I'd never used one of these before. In the end I picked the mouth masturbator because well it looked like a mouth. I woke up today to find a discreet package sitting in the hallway and with much excitement and anticipation I waited until I was alone before my first session started! It feels softer than I thought it would feel, it is easy to grip and nice and soft very much like a wet eager mouth. I didn't expect this to feel as amazing as it does but when I started I was pleasantly surprised! It feels so good and is pleasing to both look at and listen to I didn't bother with the internet video after a short time, and took this hot mouth to my bed where I finished with one of the most explosive orgasms I've had for a long time. All of this and you really can't go wrong for the price, and it is far far better than using you hand! And as strange as this may seem it also makes an awesome sound that is very much like being sucked off!

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  • Serial: 503795
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson