Dr. Joel Reversible Masturbator

The first time I used the Dr. Joel Reversible Masturbator it was for its intended purpose as a masturbator. I got myself pretty aroused and lubed up nicely to enable me to slide into the sleeve, I would recommend an ample amount of lube as this is pretty tight (although it does stretch and give pretty well) and I am just a little bigger than average. I started out with the smooth side inside and the textured side outside, the textured side made holding the sleeve very easy. It was very tight and I applied some more lube to simplify the process. I worked with it for a while and it was good (better than my hand) but I wasn't that impressed with the sensation and wanted to see what the textured side had to offer. Then I flipped the sleeve inside out so I had the textured on the inside. I wiped down the smooth side so that I could get a better hold due to the lube. The texture provided a better sensation but it still wasn't all that great compared to some of my other masturbators. The next time I used the reversible masturbator was with my partner and I told her I wanted to try it as a girth enhancer. She agreed to give it a try, so after some foreplay I was hard and she was ready to give it a go. I didn't lube up before putting it on with the smooth side out because she thought that would be more comfortable. It stayed in place better than I thought it would and although she enjoyed the increased girth, it wasn't as good as we had hoped. We decided to give the textured side a try, so I took it off and wiped the smooth side down so that it wouldn't slip around on me too much and put it back on. She really enjoyed the texture much more and was moaning in no time. It's use as a girt enhancer made the reversible masturbator a much better buy. For me it felt like a really thick condom so there wasn't a lot of sensation which is pretty common with a girth enhancer the added bonus is that I lasted quite a bit longer and was able to give it to her like you wouldn't believe. Since it is open ended there was a more sensation on the tip, and a longer guy would be able to have even more sensation there. As a masturbator it is not bad for a throw away or travel rig.

pippin, 12/03/2014