Astroglide Original Lube Water Based Sex Lubricant

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  • Model: 201348
  • Manufactured by: Astroglide
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Astroglide’s inventor formulated this water based lube while working on a space shuttle cooling system back in 1977. But does that mean it is "out-of-this-world"? Well, not exactly. But it is time-tested, and has plenty of loyal users - we definitely consider it "top shelf". Astroglide, like many water based lubes, has a very thin consistency, which makes it a great "pour lube", perfect for getting in all the nooks and crannies it needs to. 

It is non-staining, condom safe, silicone toy safe and also very easy to clean off of anything with a damp cloth. This is a lube you will want to apply and re-apply, as it is not very long lasting, but once it is in place you will enjoy one of the smoothest/slickest experiences available in any water based lube. 

Write a review
  • Serial: 201348
  • Manufacturer: Astroglide
  • Contains: 1 oz.