Oral Sex Candy BJ Blast Flavored Fizzing Popping Rocks

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  • Manufactured by: Pipedream
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Oral Sex Candy BJ Blast is the candy that fizzes, pops, crackles and explodes in your mouth while you're giving oral sex! Just sprinkle a little of the package in your mouth and get to work. Each package contains 18grams, which is more than enough for a great blow job. These fizzing rocks not only feel great for the person they are used on, but also for the one that is using them. The Oral Sex Candy BJ Blast is a great way to add a little something exciting to your foreplay.

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- BeckaBoo, 09/04/2013

I loved pop rocks as a kid, so when I saw oral sex versions, I just had to buy them! My hubby built up a good head of steam and anticipation, as I left them lying around for a while before using them. Me too to be honest, as I imagined the sensations I remembered on my tongue, transferring onto his most sensitive areas. Using it was a little awkward but fun. I kept it in one hand, using just a little at a time and constantly topping it up. For me, the popping sensations were pleasant, and the sweet taste a bonus. Overall the tingly sensations and taste are good for the giver, and make giving oral sex more fun. This was really fun, it added a whole new level of excitement to road head. The man loved it and so did I :)

- Katielouise, 09/04/2013

I loved the feel of the popping candy on the lips below my hips. My boyfriend poured the candy on to his tongue, then licked me. It was sexy and thrilling especially on the clit... was rather sticky after but as a bonus gave us an excuse to wash each other down in the shower! My partner enjoyed them but not as much as he expected. The flavors were good. The only downside was after spilling a packet on the bed - not good the next morning.

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  • Serial: 517955
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream