Kamasutra Stimulating Gel 1.7 OZ Strawberries and Champagne Sensation Gel

  • Model: 501575
  • Manufactured by: Kama Sutra
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When you think of romance you think of strawberries and champagne - at least we do. So it is only natural that KamaSutra's Stimulating Gel Pleasure Balm is flavored to taste like such romantic treats!

Apply this gel liberally for a titillating and desensitizing sensation on your genitals - it is perfect for both men and women - a great first step to some oral loving!

This is not the most powerful stimulating gel we've seen, but it is one of the highest quality - as you'd expect from KamaSutra.

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  • Serial: 501575
  • Manufacturer: Kama Sutra
  • Contains: 1.7 oz.