Viva Cream .33 OZ Subtle Mint Arousal Balm for Women

  • Model: 209643
  • Manufactured by: MD Science Lab
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Viva Cream is a subtly mint-flavored orgasm-enhancing cream for women. This amazing female arousal cream inspires desire and increases sensual sensations to a noticeable point - in fact it is one of our most popular female enhancement products, week in and week out. Viva cream is safe for use with condoms, rinses clean with water, and is completely natural and safe for use during oral stimulation. Just one dab of this naturally derived cream applied to the clitoris and you be ready to play!

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  • Serial: 209643
  • Manufacturer: MD Science Lab
  • Contains: 10ml oz.
Propylene Glycol, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, Water (Aqua), Tromethamine, Menthol, Niacin, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Methylparaben, L-Citrulline.