Stud 100 Spray .44 OZ Lidocaine Desensitizing Mist

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  • Model: 208493
  • Manufactured by: Pound International
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Stud 100 spray is a mainstay in the male sexual enhancement industry. Originally formulated in the UK years ago, this highly potent dose of Lidocaine is now available through select distributors in the USA. Spray a little on yourself (soft or hard) and you will almost immediately notice a pleasant numbing sensation. Not only does this magically promote rock-hard erections, but it also significantly delays ejaculation.

A word to the wise: If you plan to use Stud 100 during intercourse, keep in mind that you may want to use a condom (for obvious reasons) as well as not-so-obvious reasons. Contained within your condom, the forumla will be better retained and absorbed and will be less likely to wipe off on your lover.

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- Yogi, 01/20/2013

This stuff very good for all you guys, because can help to delay ejaculation

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  • Serial: 208493
  • Manufacturer: Pound International
  • Contains: .5 oz.
Lidocaine Base USP 9.6%