Pure Instinct Cologne .5 OZ Pheromone Oil for Men

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  • Manufactured by: Jelique Products
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Pheromones are subtle scents excreted by the body that effect the people around us subconsciously. In fact, pheromones are often credited with being a major contributor to the attraction of potential lovers. Pure Instinct is a highly concentrated cologne that is packed with pheromones to help you draw the attention and sexual interest of people around you. Dab some onto yourself and see how it effects people, it's not a magic potion, but you will notice a difference, especially with someone you are already sexual with.

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- customer, 04/20/2014

I thought this product would attract my lover like a bee to a flower, and god was I right! Not only did she seem more interested, but she wanted more cuddling and even more sex! This is an amazing product, and I recommend that the buyer use it with caution

- Ashley Austin, 05/16/2014

I've been using this stuff for years! I don't prefer perfumes simply because the smell can change and may not mix with your smell over time. This stuff is my version of Sex Panther. I put it on when I go out, men flock to me and I find I have more confidence! Seriously----Buy it, you will NOT be disappointed!

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  • Serial: 504777
  • Manufacturer: Jelique Products
  • Contains: .5 oz.
Pheromones, Essential Oils