Classix Duo-Tone Balls Metallic Blue Beginner Ben Wa Balls

  • Model: 516536
  • Manufactured by: Pipedream
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Whether you are just staring off with sex toys or have an overflowing collection, sometimes it is best to go back to the basics. The Classix Duo-Tone Balls may not have all of the bells and whistles that its more expensive counterparts have, but it is a sturdy introduction to kegel balls.

The Classix Duo-Tone Balls are meant to be worn for short periods, making them perfect for use during a movie or sexy dinner party. This beautiful set of balls is weighted to maximize on the pleasure, making them shake and vibrate inside of you with each movement that you make. There is a sturdy string connecting the two balls, and an additional string meat to hang out so that it is easily removable.

The Classix Duo-Tone Balls are a great introduction to vaginal exercisers. The beautiful and safe material is attractive, while the girth is just enough to be satisfying. This set is perfectly suited for short-term use, and works best as a beginner's level trainer.

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  • Serial: 516536
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream
  • This item is made of: ABS and Metal.
  • The girth of this item is: 4.5".