Afro American Whopper 8" Dong with Balls Realistic Black Dildo with Suction-Cup Base

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  • Model: 512391
  • Manufactured by: Nasstoys
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Afro American Whopper 8" Dong with Balls is large and curved to hit all the right spots, this ultra realistic dong is a whopping 8" and sculpted for the size and feel of the real thing. The veins and balls feel genuine to the touch and the "real skin" texture makes insertion smooth and sensual. This dildo will definitely keep you feeling full and satisfied and is not for those users that prefer something a bit smaller in size.

The incredibly strong suction makes this a very popular item for naughty hands free play, and the flexibility and perfect curve of the shaft will let you bend and adjust your position easily, enhancing orgasm. Great for vaginal or anal play, the American Whopper will make a much loved addition to any collection.

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- PopTarte, 02/11/2014

Great purchase! Feels real, the curve takes alil to get used to but I love length. Great buy!

- Pat, 11/18/2014

I use this in the shower for anal play and it is absolutely incredible, my favorite toy for this purpose. If you use it in the shower, be sure to attach it to the wall before turning on the water because the water will keep it from sticking and it will slide if you do it after. Using this dildo I have had some of the most powerful orgasms in my life. I love the ribbing and textures because they feel simply incredible. While its a very basic dildo, its has the features most needed in a dildo. It's firm, has just enough give, yet hard and rough when used just right. I use a condom on it when my friends share so its safe for them and myself. I've had problems in the past with dildos that ended up being a waste of money. I have very sensitive skin or some kind of allergy to other materials, this is the first product I've actually been able to enjoy, because it's not too big around (I got the 8 inch dildo) and it's made from a material that doesn't cause the burning irritation I've experienced with other toys. It's very sexy in it's coloring, I like black cock. But when it first arrived I took it out of the clear plastic packaging (I believe it's called a blister pack) and I couldn't stop looking at it. It's very well made. And I also haven't noticed any strange scent from the material it's made of whick I have experienced in other toys. It arrived discreetly in a box with another item I ordered. I know now that, if I decide to get any other toys (maybe something that doesn't have a curve to it or veins like this one does), the first thing I'll do is check to see if Nasstoys makes what I'm looking for. That's how happy I am with the quality of this one.

- britbrat, 03/19/2015

First i will start by saying shipping was fast. It only took 1-2 days. I was so excited when it arrived. I washed it off and started playing with it. The size is perfect for those who love bigger sizes but not too big. The veins added so much pleasure. The great thing is the head is smaller but not too small which comes in handy for insertion. It sticks pretty much anywhere with a great suction. Also the feeling of this dildo inside feels so real. I like running hot water over it to warm it up for that extra real sensation. I am more than pleased. This was my first dildo and i am in love!!!

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  • Serial: 512391
  • Manufacturer: Nasstoys
  • This item is waterproof.
  • This item is made of: PVC.
  • The overall length is: 9".
  • The insertable length is: 9".
  • The girth of this item ranges from: 4.5" to 4.5".