Crystal Jellies Big Boy 12" Sil-A-Gel Classic Dildo

  • Model: 510989
  • Manufactured by: Doc Johnson
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Doc Johnson's Crystal Jellies Big Boy is a super-size 12" dong in a league of its own. The girth alone will completely fill you with pleasure. Available in Pink, Clear and Purple. Made from phthalate free body-safe material, which includes Doc's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Proudly made in America.

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- jason ballou, 12/18/2014

Careful...its huge! Pics do not do it justice! 2 1/2 inches doesn\'t sound too big, but it is! I truly got the ENORMITY of it when she took it out of the packaging. I got hard just watching her hold it...not even close to wrapping fingers around it w/ 1 hand! This thing is SERIOUSLY HUGE!!!!!! I had to work her into it, starting with our 8 inch regular jelly dildo. Stepped up to the fatter 9 inch dildo. Warmed her up all deep with our double headed 12 inch dildo. Then back down to a 9 inch fat and thick dildo. THEN she was ready for this one. Even then it took a few minutes and a good amount of lube to get it going....but when it was in, she was moaning, scratching the sheets and trying not to let me hear just how much she was enjoying it. After I assured her it was okay to get off like a rocket and she wasn\'t worried about hurting my feelings, she really let loose and had several leg-shaking orgasms in a row....not an everyday toy, and use patience and LUBE-lots of lube.....but man-o-man! What a show, lots of fun to administer and watch her shake as this monster knocked on her about bottoming out! Highly recommend it!

Write a review
  • Serial: 510989
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson