American Bombshell B-10 Warhead

The B-10 Warhead is a twist on the much simpler B-10 Torpedo smooth banger from the same collection. Instead of one, it has three roughly uniform spades, topping at 72 mm diameter. As such, it is slightly wider than its cousin, at the same time providing three times as much fun. If I were to choose only one, I would go for this one, as although it cannot be used at significant speeds, the conjoint spades going in and out leave me in heaven every time. It is really more of a spaced bulge tower than a banger. Also, due to a significant step at the end of each spade, the Warhead can be used as a temporary plug. Only at home though, as a lot of the toy will still stick out ;)

The first spade is 71 mm wide, and 68 mm long. Its cross-section is not quite a perfect circle, and therefore if one also takes the material give-in into account, it is quite easy to insert for its diameter. The next two spades are half-buried in their predecessors, but the steps between the folds and the gaps are enough to allow the toy to just hang in there, without hand support. The first gap, or the top of the second spade, is just 59 mm. The spade then expands to the maximum diameter of this toy, at 72 mm. Finally, the last spade is again 71 mm wide, followed by a 56 mm wide column shaft. Much like with other spaced bulge towers, the fold entry is intense, and repeatedly so.

The shaft is reached at 145 mm of insertable length, still not quite close to the sigmoid colon sphincter. There is room enough for some of the shaft to go in as well. One might try to bottom out on it, but I think there are better toys out there for that kind of activity. The strength of the Warhead lies in its triple folds, providing eye-opening sensations at first, slowly changing to an ear-to-ear smile as most of the toy goes out and then in back again.

Tightening the sphincter muscles at each fold, at the maximum stretch is a very good exercise. Once the maximum tightness is achieved, I can slide down to the next gap or the shaft, and then relax the muscle. Still relaxed, I go back again, inserting the toy deeper. And then all over again, reversing the tightening/relaxation sequence. Repeating this exercise for some time took me through a cosmic wormhole of sorts. Later during a session with the Warhead, I took several large, fat toys, comfortably crossing into the upper large range of backdoor tools. And all this thanks to the delightful exercises with the Warhead. It relaxes me as few other large toys do.

Alexasi, 09/04/2013