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I’m always in the market for a good rabbit vibe, so I was pretty pumped to see the Rechargeable Black Label Jack Rabbit. Right off the bat, the box looks like some sort of sci-fi poster. It’s all pink and black, with the rabbit vibe rising from the mist. (Really)

After getting this bad boy out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see the charger. I’m used to vibrators like this being the typical ac wall charger, but the Black Label Jack Rabbit has a charger similar to what my iPhone has. It can be used either as usb charger or plugged into a wall adapter. I have to say that is my new favorite way to charge a vibrator. I got to sit at my computer, find just the right music for my afternoon of solo play, and then get to it. Soooo awesome.

Black Label Jack Rabbit

After about 8 hours of charging, my vibrator’s LED light went green and was ready to go. There are four buttons to control this vibe: Pattern, On/Off, Vibe Up, Vibe Down. There are three speeds of shaft rotation, here speeds of shaft vibration, and seven different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation.

Lights on Black Label Jack Rabbit

For me, the best part is most definitely the rabbit ears. There are three motors in this toy; one at the tip, one in the middle of the shaft, and one at the ears. This means that the rabbit ears are very powerful and make pretty easy work of me. Even if there was nothing else going for this vibe, I’m pretty sure I would be in a jelly state in less than 5 minutes. The bonus of having all of these other motors and a wiggling shaft though puts the Black Label above and beyond what I was expected from it.

So, after a couple of minutes of very intense play, decided to see what else it was capable of. I made sure to put the small cover on the bottom to seal off the power outlet and then I brought it in the shower. I don’t know how well it would hold up being completely submerged in a tub, but it worked well in the shower. Even with the awkwardness of playing while standing (no suction cup, the only real drawback), I was still able to enjoy myself…thoroughly.

In all, I have to say that I enjoyed the Black Label Jack Rabbit from Cal. It was hard and long enough to fill me up, and lasted one the highest settings for a little more than an hour. For a rechargeable vibe, this is a very solid choice for me. I love the feel of the silky smooth, nearly skin like, texture. There is a definite sense of value and luxury from this that I don’t always get in toys, and the usb charger is a welcome change.


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