Crystal Cote Probe

This was my first anal toy and I really loved it, pun intended! it was the perfect size for a first time toy and the tapered tip was easy on my scared ass. I have always used heavy silicone lube for anal play and with this little toy it was perfect. Anal sex, when handled badly, can leave you with a "body memory" of pain and no matter what you try to do your butt will remember. The only way to retrain the body is to move super slowly and really use care. This little probe was the best way for me to relearn how to relax and enjoy being touched back there.
It will not stay put easily because it doesn't have a place for the sphincter to grab onto but it does well if you like to have a plug for sitting on that isn't overly large. Most users will outgrow it fairly quickly but it stays a nice warm up toy.

Airen Wolf, 08/24/2013