Caucasian Round Butt Plug Knob-Shaped Waterproof Anal Plug

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  • Model: 516030
  • Manufactured by: Doc Johnson
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When you first lay your eyes on the Round Butt Plug series from Doc Johnson, you will probably be as confused as we were. Did Doc Johnson go into the door knob business? What the hell is this?

Think about it - the majority of butt plugs on the market take a conical, tapered design approach...whats with the round shape?

Well suffice it to say that we are very impressed with this bold new design. It is much more provocative and challenging-looking when compared to more traditional butt plugs, but thats not all. The shape is actually highly functional - the round bulb at the tip of each plug works wonders in helping you retain the unit for as long as you desire, avoiding frustrating "slip outs". Also, due to the spherical shape, the intensity and stimulation of insertion and retrieval is much improved.

We expect these innovative ball plugs to be very popular, so we decided to cary them in small, medium and large (despite the intimidating look, the small version's girth is actually beginner-friendly). Use the drop-down menu at the top of this page to select the size you prefer and refer to the notes below for measurement details.

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  • Serial: 516030
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • This item is waterproof.
  • The overall length is: 3.75".
  • The insertable length is: 3.25".
  • The girth of this item ranges from: 2.50" to 5.50".