Fujiko's Waterproof Anal Probe Multispeed 7.5" Anal Vibrator

  • Model: 201191
  • Manufactured by: California Exotics
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An anal probe may not sound like the most fun toy you could buy- and it might even look a bit intimidating at first glance, but anal probes are very useful in the bedroom. The Fujiko Waterproof Anal Probe is one of the best tools we carry for breaking in your bottom. Notice how it is subtly graduated in the same way many butt plugs are? That's for a reason - this smooth, sleek ultra-powerful vibrator will slowly, but surely stretch you out to the point that you are able to easily take a man, or larger toys inside you.

Let your lover manage the multi-speed controller as they push the probe deep inside you. See if you can take the entire length -then clench down around the base (past the widest point) and you can see how long you can retain it when it is vibrating at full force! Like we said - not the prettiest toy - but one of the most useful.

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- princegrak, 11/30/2013

Great little anal vibrator. This is my first foray into anal play and its perfect for beginners. Length and thickness is just right and the vibrations are plenty strong enough. I highly recommend it.

- cassie wahe, 06/08/2014

perfect little gift , but they send you AA batteries when it requires AAA. the AA will not fit...

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  • Serial: 201191
  • Manufacturer: California Exotics
  • This item is powered by 2 AA size battery (always included when you shop with us).