Colt Anal Trainer Kit 3-Piece Waterproof Butt Plug Kit in Black

  • Model: 503436
  • Manufactured by: California Exotics
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Does your bottom need some training? The Colt Anal Trainer Kit might be just right for you. The kit includes 3 butt plugs of increasing size - each with a traditional tapered design (though longer than many plugs we've seen). They are molded out of smooth, soft and flexible Soft PVC, which is great because they can be comfortably worn even while you are in motion (walking around the room or house). The insertable lengths of the plugs range from 4"-6" and the girth measurement ranges from 2.5" to 5".

One feature we would have liked to see would have been suction bases, but that is certainly not the end of the world. This is a great beginner or intimidiate kit - perfect for introducing someone to anal play or expanding (pun intended) their horizons toward more "girthy" toys.

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  • Serial: 503436
  • Manufacturer: California Exotics
  • This item is waterproof.
  • This item is made of: Soft PVC.